Entrada 22 Tee

Product Code (SKU): ENT22TEEM



Take adidas style with you wherever you go. This V-neck tee has football inspiration through and through. Made with comfortable cotton jersey, it’s an everyday classic.
Adidas cotton products support more sustainable cotton farming.



Product Details

  • Regular Fit
  • Knitted front and back out of 100% PES

Product Features



Team Grey Four, Team Navy Blue 2, Team Power Red 2, BLACK


S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, X/S



Branding Method

Embroidered Logo, Vinyl Logo


Embroidered Logo

Vinyl Logo

AdidasSize Guide
Colour Size SKU Stock Quantity
black x-s SKU-4065418918176 0
black s SKU-4065418914468 0
black m SKU-4065418918152 0
black l SKU-4065418918190 0
black xl SKU-4065418918275 0
black 2xl SKU-4065418918251 0
black 3xl SKU-4065418914482 0
team-grey-four x-s SKU-4065418925945 0
team-grey-four s SKU-4065418922203 0
team-grey-four m SKU-4065418925921 0
team-grey-four l SKU-4065418925969 0
team-grey-four xl SKU-4065418922197 0
team-grey-four 2xl SKU-4065418925815 0
team-grey-four 3xl SKU-4065418925853 0
team-navy-blue-2 x-s SKU-4065418922104 0
team-navy-blue-2 s SKU-4065418921985 0
team-navy-blue-2 m SKU-4065418922098 0
team-navy-blue-2 l SKU-4065418918343 0
team-navy-blue-2 xl SKU-4065418918367 0
team-navy-blue-2 2xl SKU-4065418922012 0
team-navy-blue-2 3xl SKU-4065418922081 0
team-power-red-2 x-s SKU-4065418926041 0
team-power-red-2 s SKU-4065418929783 0
team-power-red-2 m SKU-4065418929684 0
team-power-red-2 l SKU-4065418929660 0
team-power-red-2 xl SKU-4065418929769 0
team-power-red-2 2xl SKU-4065418929738 0
team-power-red-2 3xl SKU-4065418929790 0