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Move to Natural

Icebreaker: The Merino Pioneers

The original merino pioneers. Driven by the belief that nature has the solutions, Icebreaker provide natural performance alternatives to synthetic based apparel to create a healthier more sustainable future for our species and the planet.

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Brand History
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Icebreaker was created in 1995, with a chance meeting on a New Zealand merino station, where founder Jeremy Moon first encountered merino and its natural and miraculous qualities, with the aim to provide garments for outdoor adventures with less reliance on petrochemical fibres, providing a more sustainable future for us – and the planet.

Icebreaker believe that there is a better way, and that nature has the answers. Their design position is to use only what they need and to leave the planet better than we found it, by not wasting precious resources and considering every step in the process. They have removed 59 synthetic-heavy styles, use no acrylic and by 2023, aim for all of their clothing to be made from merino wool or plant-based fibres. Their products are designed through ongoing quality optimisation and they have developed a process that cuts up to 65% of the amount of water needed to dye their products.

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