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Technical mountain boots, handcrafted in Italy.

Brand History

In 1937, Nello Grossule began learning the age-old trade of the shoemaker and by crafting his first pair of mountaineering boots, at the beginning for himself, but eventually for many of the inhabitants of the village, he furthered this passion. The appreciation for the care and enthusiasm for the products he created convinced him that quality was the key to his success. In the early 1950s he poured his life’s earnings into the investment of equipment and a few select craftsmen and began manufacturing in his small work shop. With increasing experience, Nello elaborated innovative working techniques and he devoted himself to the research of improving materials, especially the leather that he personally selects, even today. As the years passed, his boots became recognized all over Italy because of their extraordinary strength and comfort. He hired additional skilled craftsmen and created his trademark “Gronell”.

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